Introduction to Hinges: July 1st & 2nd
This class will learn simple one, two and three “knuckle” hinges.
$95.00 / Includes copper and silver.
Cold Connections I, Rivets: July 22 & 23
Wendy Foreman is back teaching how to connect items without heat. Don't miss this class, you will want to take Cold Connections II as well!
$85.00 / Includes Copper and Brass.


Cold Connections II Spacers: August 12th & 13th
Wendy Foreman will review everything from Cold Connections I and introduce tube spacers. Create beautiful 3-D items with this technique.
$85.00 / Includes copper and brass.

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes: August 26th and 27th.
Round or square, big or small you decide.
Learn to measure and create a hollow-form.
$65 + Silver cost.